…of a new blog.

I’m an Engish student who has decided to create a new blog about book reviews. The main reason is because I want to improve my writing in English and, as everybody knows, the best way to do something well is by practicing it. Considering that I love reading, I know I will always have something to write about in that way. I also know that keeping a blog about books makes you read and write more, so these are my aims.

I’m not a beginner in blogging: I have been writing in a blog for about four years. It’s also a blog about books but it’s in Spanish, I’m afraid ;). Anyway, if anyone wants to take a look, here it is:

From Isi

In this new blog I’m going to upload reviews about books I think are interesting; I have read the most of them in Spanish, but I’m trying to review only novels which are available in English speaking countries, in case anybody from these countries read my blog. I’m also starting to read English books, but it’s quite difficult to choose the right ones in order to unterstand them.

I remind you I’m a student, and even though some of the reviews will be corrected by my teacher, he is human and he can’t check everything I write, so there will be others without any correction. You will find mistakes, for sure, and I would be very grateful if you take a minute to comment or email me and tell me about them. I am here to learn. Of course, if anybody needs some help with Spanish language, I’m also here to help.

That’s all, now let’s start.