david safier

In the blogs I have been reading recently I have seen different challenges about a lot of subjects. For example, in one of them there are months dedicated to authors from a particular country, Germany in this case, and I have realized that not a lot of people know German authors, so I would like to recommend one you should read: David Safier.

Safier has worked as a journalist and as a scriptwriter for television. He has won some prizes with his TV series, but was five years ago when he started to write novels and had come to enjoy a lot of success with them. The first one was Mieses karma (in Spanish it has been translated as Maldito karmaDamn Karma) and, since then, he has been writing one novel per year. All of them are humorous novels that, in my Spanish blog, we call medicine-books because you can read them when you don’t feel very well and your mood will change immediately.

200508533-004Mieses karma begins with a tragic death: Kim Lange, a successful TV presenter is having an affair with another handsome and fashionable presenter when a WC from a space station crashes on her. She does not suffer: death is instantaneous and Buddha decides to turn Kim into an ant, so suddenly she realizes she is under the ground of her own garden, watching how sad her husband and her little daughter are, who loved her so much when she was only thinking about affairs and successful careers. Besides, one of the women she called friend when she was human is trying to take her husband away from her. Kim has to do something! She can’t lose her family again!

In the anthill she meets another reincarnated person: Giacomo Casanova, the one and only, and together they try to accumulate good karma in order to step up in the animal evolutionary scale and get, in the not too distant future, to become a human again. This is very hard just because Kim has never done good works or charity, so she has to do her best; and it’s practically beyond the reach of Casanova, who has been a male ant all these centuries.

Reading this book you can’t stop bursting out laughing because Kim lives several funny situations being different animals in her attempt to becoming human, and Buddha doesn’t make things easy for her, so the result is that she is very close to her family but too far at the same time, and tries to reach them again and again, but most of the times… she dies (again).

The story has a little moral about what your behavior should be with your nearest and dearest, showing them you really love them when you are still alive (or you are still a human), but it’s not really a moral book: the whole thing has been written only for you to have a great time. I couldn’t stop laughing all the time; it’s the kind of book you have to put down several times, wipe your tears – tears of laughter – and try again with the next chapter.

jesus loves meJesus liebt michJesus loves me – is also a story without rhyme or reason which starts when Marie knows that her ex-boyfriend is going to marry another woman and she realizes her life is a failure: she is a single woman, her parents have divorced and now her mother has a relationship with the pastor of her church while her father is in love with a Romanian girl he had met online, who is twenty years younger than him and, besides, Marie’s bedroom’s roof has fallen down. Everything changes completely when the carpenter who is going to repair the roof walks into the room: a handsome, gentle man with a really nice ass. Marie falls in love with him but then he tells her he is Jesus, the real Jesus, the Bible’s one! (Has she really thought of Jesus’ ass??).

Jesus has come to Earth again because Judgment Day is coming – it’s next Tuesday, in fact – and he is taking a look around, trying to find out if people of our time are good Christians who keep the Ten Commandments. But Satan is also here, recruiting the Horsemen of Apocalypse: the battle between good and evil must be avoided and Marie is the only one who can save humankind from burning in hell for eternity… and if she can have a relationship with Jesus, the better.

In this novel, the main character has to deal with the fact that Jesus exists, when she has always thought religion was a lie:

‘Marie,’ said Kata smiling, ‘if there is a God, why do things like Nazis, wars and Modern Talking’s disco music exist?

As you see, Safier’s novels began with an incredible premise and she develops a very funny story which usually has a happy but unexpected end. Meanwhile, you won’t stop smiling and laughing, even to the point of tears most of the times.

It’s a kind of silly humor that I love; a light read you finish in a while and then you can’t stop talking to your friends about it, remembering the funniest passages. I’ve given these books as presents many times, and people always loved them.

It is said that your life can last more years if you laugh for several minutes without stopping, so I hope to become a centenarian in the future, or more than centenarian because I still have in my list two more books by Safier! I suppose healthy life, exercise and healthy food also work to get this aim. But I must warn you that, if you don’t find these stories funny, it’s because this sense of humor doesn’t suit you and you shouldn’t try his other books. In that case try exercise or another author 😉 .