For the first time ever in this blog, I have been nominated for an award: the Liebster Blog Award. The blogger who nominated me is Rebecca, whose blog, Love at first book is one of the first blogs in English I knew, and I really think you should take a look around it because she has a lot of good reviews about great reads. Thank you very much, Rebecca!

liebster award

So here I am with my award. I have to write down 11 random facts about myself, and I have decided to tell you this:

1. I learnt English when I was a teenager by translating Bon Jovi’s songs. Seriously, I had the CD covers with the lyrics and I used to translate the songs on weekends. I copied the translation in a piece of paper and I kept it in a folder with the rest of the translated songs. This was completely useless because once you have been searching for words in your dictionary and learning what the lyrics you were listening mean, you don’t need to keep it; you just remember everything.

2. Then my musical tastes changed and now I love Britney Spears. I know, I know, but I can’t help myself.

3. I am the kind of reader who can’t read two books at the same time.

4. I have no TV. I don’t miss it, anyway – I prefer reading 😉 .

5. In Christmas time Spanish people put the tree up and we also set up the Nativity scene at home, but I don’t have any of these things, so in Christmas I put a teddy Santa and a teddy Rudolph in a shelf in the hall. They are soooo cute!

6. I love cooking desserts and all kind of sweetmeats, but I hate the everyday cooking.

7. I love going on trips. This summer I did the Way of St. James (el Camino de Santiago) with my parents. We didn’t it for religious reasons; we just wanted to have a different holiday and do some exercise, so we walked 350 kilometers from our hometown – León, which is on the Way – to Santiago. Since then, my father and I go once a month on mountain trips and we enjoy them very much.

8. One of my goals for the year 2012 was to read English books, and I have got it! I had been reading books by levels for the past year and someday in October I decided to try with a normal book – and I understood it! It was a great feeling; I can’t help telling everybody I’m reading in English.

9. I am a vet and a secondary school teacher, but I’m unemployed as 25% of the population of my country. At the moment I am studying a degree in chemical science to keep myself busy.

10. I liked Fifty shades of Grey, yes! And even more I liked Christian Grey, yeeeeeees!

11. I’m trying to improve my listening skills too and my teacher recommended listening to the BBC radio 4. Now I’m hooked on a radio show called The Archers, which is the world’s longest running soap opera – it has been on air since the 1950s! And I have discovered it now, can you believe it? I still don’t know who is who, but I understand them when they talk!

Well, after all these confessions, I hope we can still be friends.

Now I have to answer a few questions Rebecca has asked the nominees:

  1. Favorite book: The princess bride. Wonderful, even more than the film.
  2. Least favorite book: well, I can’t stand a Spanish author called José Luis Corral, and the fact that everybody loves his books is a thing I can’t understand. They are too boring, and I feel I am the only one who has noticed this!
  3. Biggest vice: sweeties, sweeties everywhere!
  4. Biggest virtue: I’m conscientious and patient.
  5. Favorite food: anything cooked by my mother or my grandmother, especially their cannelloni.
  6. Grossest food: Chinese noodles, since the last time I ate them and I got sick!
  7. Best place to shop: In a sports shop.
  8. Favorite vacation spot: my village, in the mountain. Or the south of Spain in October when nobody is there, you have the whole beach only for you and the weather is still warm.
  9. Favorite website (doesn’t have to be a blog): at the moment I have two; Google translator and Word Reference 😀 .
  10. Your go-to when you’re sad: going for a walk, breathing fresh air and thinking about the problem.
  11. The exotic pet you’d love to be: an eagle, a falcon of any kind of strong, big bird.

And now I’m supposed to nominate other 11 blogs but I still don’t know a lot of them, so if anybody wants to tell 11 things about themselves or ask Rebecca’s questions, you can write them down in a comment.

By the way, I must tell you this post hasn’t been corrected by my teacher, so it might be full of mistakes. I’m so sorry and I would be very pleased if you can tell me where the biggest ones are if you have a minute. Thanks!