This is a fast overview of the last year.

montaña de libros

In 2012 I read 80 books and 13 English graded readers (original stories with limited vocabulary and no more than 80 pages). This is more or less the same number I read every year, so I keep my own average. However, for this new year I added five books in my Goodreads challenge, so I will try to read 85 – a little bit of pressure.

Of those 80 that I’ve read:

  • 36 of them were written by women and 44 by men.
  • 28 were written by authors whose mother language is Spanish.
  • 17 were books that were on my To-Be-Read pile since 2011.
  • I read 20 books on my kindle (I have had my kindle since December 2011)
  • 12 of them were actually audiobooks
  • The author I read most books by was Ken Follett: six novels!
  • I read five books in English
  • I read three books of short stories.
  • I couldn’t review one of the Spanish books: it was awful – mediocre plot, mediocre language – and I had nothing good to say about it.
  • I organized two joint readings, and I participated in other six.
  • I gave up one reading.
  • I read nine novels by self-published authors; in Spain we call them “the kindle generation”.
  • The shortest book had 77 pages: Cuando se vacían las playas (Eduardo Iglesias)
  • The largest book had 1,178 pages: A world without end (Ken Follett). But A dance with dragons (George R. R. Martin) was very close.
  • The most juvenile book was Hush, hush (Becca Fitzpatrick)
  • The book that made me cry was The notebook (Nicholas Sparks)
  • The funniest book was The princess bride (William Goldman).

The worst books were two:

Bécquer eterno (Carmen Ferreiro Esteban): one of the self-published novels. It is about one of our best poets ever, Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer, who is still alive and lives in the States because he is a vampire. I have no words to describe how bad this book was.

The vampire diaries I: The awakening (L. J. Smith): this is the first book I read in English and it couldn’t be a worse beginning.

But fortunately, there were a lot of great reads. The best of the best were:

The princess bride (William Goldman): I don’t know how I could live all these years without reading this book. The best book ever.

The secret keeper (Kate Morton): I loved the way Morton showed the story, the characters and the romance. Just perfect.

After River (Donna Milner): this is not a well-known novel here in Spain but people who have read it, loved it. A boy, who is running away from the States because he doesn’t want to join in the Vietnam War, arrives to Canada and finds a job on the Wards’ farm. And then, the life of the family changes forever. You should give it a chance.

There have been more, but this is only a summary. I have enjoyed a lot of novels of different genres and authors and I’m very happy because I started reading in English so, in terms of books, 2012 has been a great year.