In this post I want to show you the amount of challenges I’m participating with my Spanish blog. You wouldn’t believe how many challenges people create about every subject you can imagine: certain authors (classics or not), about all kind of genres, about reading books before watching the films based on them, about certain sagas… And for me, a challenge addicted, it’s not easy to say no, so here I go!

If you are interested in any of them, I can show you the original post and translate the instructions, no problem!

20 books in English challenge

Reto 20 books

This one has been created by me, of course! I made a light level with 10 books because I knew nobody would join in the challenge if they had to read 20 books, and finally a lot of people are participating in the light level, indeed. The Spanish blogosphere is improving their English level, well done!

This is curious because I would feel really upset if I don’t get my own challenge.

Women who have won the Nobel Prize in Literature challenge

reto ale

A very original challenge about reading any of the books written by the 12 women who have won the Nobel Prize, and you have 2 years to get the challenge.

I must confess I didn’t know the most of these authors, but now I can do something about it!

Captain Alatriste challenge


I just was talking to Leander about this saga a few days ago, and suddenly, this challenge appeared in my life; I had to participate, it was my destination!

You have to read the seven books of Captain Alatriste (Arturo Pérez Reverte) this year. I know there are only six of them available in English, but I think a lot of people would enjoy the saga if they give it a chance.

By the way, Pérez Reverte is an author you should read.

Be realistic challenge


I love the title of this challenge! You have to read one, two or three books by authors from the realistic literary movement, for example Tolstoy, Mark Twain, Dickens, Stendhal, Flaubert, Benito Pérez Galdós, etc.

I was planning to read at least two books by Pérez Galdós this year, so this challenge was perfect for me.

Kindle generation challenge


We call kindle generation to authors who haven’t got support by a publishing house, and because of that they sell their novels in Amazon. I have read great books by self-published authors, and also very bad ones, but I would like to give them a chance.

Besides, I have a lot of these books in my kindle (in Spanish and in English) so it would be fantastic if this year I read ten of them.

Books of short stories challenge


To complete this challenge you have to read three books of short stories.

This is a genre I don’t usually read, but you know I like it so much when I read in English, so I will try to get this challenge reading those books of short stories in English.

25 authors whose mother language is Spanish challenge

25-españolesYes, they are don Quijote and Sancho Panza 😉

I joined in this challenge last year, because I noticed I only read 12 of 80 books by these authors in 2011, and well, I have nothing against other authors and other languages, but I would like to know more Spanish and Latin American authors. For example, I haven’t read Gabriel García Márquez’s novels yet.

So I’m participating again; there are a lot of authors for me to discover!

Literary Exploration challenge


I created my account of Goodreads (my profile) just a few months ago so I couldn’t participate in the challenges there last year, and when I saw this one, I knew I had to try.

I have applied for the insane level, consisting of 36 genres, and I have added two more genres (I’m really insane, don’t you think?): family sagas and landscape novels. I don’t know most of the genres, so I will have to study a little bit the whole thing.

Landscape is a genre with a story set in the 19th or 20th century. The main character, mostly women, travels to a far away country to live there. These novels are very popular in Germany and a lot of them are being translated into Spanish at the moment, especially from German authors (Sarah Lark, Linda Belago, Carla Federico)


And that’s everything about challenges this year. Wish me luck!