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I love reading IMMs on the blogs, taking a look at the books they are planning to read and seeing my list becoming eternal, so I have decided to do the same in my blog 😉 .

I’m starting little by little, so today I will show you three ebooks I have in my kindle since a few weeks ago:


The one you love (Paul Pilkington): this novel has very good reviews and also very bad ones, but I wanted to give it a try since the synopsis caught my attention. The book was for a few days for free in amazon, also here in Spain. And today I have seen it is for free again, so you have no excuses!

The summer before the storm (Gabrielle Wills): this is also a book I saw in amazon and I thought it could be interesting: I love Canadian stories! I contacted with the author in order to ask her if she would be interested in providing a few copies to organize a joint reading in my Spanish blog, and she agreed! She is very kind and I’m looking forward to knowing what happened that summer when WWI begun. I will tell you soon.

Riversong (Tess Thompson): this is the book I’m currently reading. It was for free in amazon some weeks ago, and I saw it had a very high score, so I also wanted to give it a chance. The beginning is being shocking because the main character seems to be in trouble, but I can’t say anything else; just that I have applied for a blog tour and the next post will be referred to Tess Thompson 😉 .

As you see, amazon is a great source of readings if you want to learn a language; you have to spend some time searching for stories that might suit you, but it is cheap (or free!) and fast once you have decided, and the kindle dictionary helps you a lot when you are reading!