I picked up this book because I needed something easy and happy to read during the exam period. I read the first pages and I knew it was what I was looking for, and I also have to say romance is one of my favorite genres.

In the prologue we meet Lee Tucker, an eighteen-year-old girl who is looking forward to the end of the summer to leave her little village in Oregon and her alcoholic mother and go to the city to study art.

Just in the next chapter sixteen years has passed, Lee is pregnant and her husband has committed suicide: he had a debt to the mafia and he couldn’t pay it back, so he decided to shoot himself before the gangs killed him. Now they are threatening Lee, so she decides to escape to her village and try to get money by fixing and selling her mother’s house, and thereby pay off the debt and live in peace again.

Her mother passed away years ago and back in the village an old lady neighbor helps Lee with the house. She also finds a job in a restaurant as an agent when she is asked to develop a viability study for the place, Lee being free to choose the design and the staff and to change everything she thinks should be improved so that people come. But there is one thing she is sure that must stay: the band that plays every Friday night and Tommy, their Mexican singer.

Lee doesn’t want to endanger her new friends, so she keeps to herself the reason why she has come back and tries not to think so much about the time when she has to leave the village and say goodbye to them.

The story is simple and from the beginning the reader expects a happy end, and that is exactly what you find when you finish the book; perhaps is too happy, but well, it wasn’t a problem for me because I liked the rest: the food is served in the restaurant now, the staff trying to become smarter because is part of the changes, Tommy’s riverside garden, Tommy himself… (Did I mention Tommy?).

I found little mistakes – apart from the excessively happy ending – in some phrases written in Spanish, but nevertheless the meaning was perfectly understandable.

A good reading if you are looking for romance with entertaining characters and an idyllic location.


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