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As some bloggers do, I’m also writing a summary of readings and bookish activities I have been doing every month, so that I can show you what’s going on in the Spanish blogosphere as well.

First of all, the activities I have participated in in March:

ReadathonMy first Readathon: this year I created a challenge about reading in English and I organized my first Readahon in English too! We had a lot of fun commenting on the books we were reading in a Facebook group, and not only did we read British and North American books, but we also ate British and North American food: one of the requirements to join the Readathon was to have a “typical” English breakfast (bacon and eggs) or an American breakfast (pancakes with cream or jam) and, of course, to drink some tea during the day.

Captain Alatriste joint reading: I was looking forward to re-reading this book and I loved commenting on it with Leander and Timothy. I think we will continue reading Purity of blood in April.

The “Erotic fortnight”: after Fifty shades of Grey, Spanish publishers won’t stop translating erotic books, so a lot of bloggers have so many of these novels to read. A lot of people have participated, and we have concluded that all these books are more or less the same, so I think nobody is going to read more erotic books in a long time.

Things I have received:


Some days ago a postcard from Allison appeared in my letter box, with a picture of the Stanley Hotel, the hotel where the movie The Shining was shot. Horror films are not my favourites, but someday I will dare to watch the film and read some of King’s books

Rebecca also sent me a postcard in February, but I didn’t show it in the blog at the time, so I’m showing the picture now. Some of her blog business cards were included in the letter: they are cute!

Thank you both very much!

Other issues:

I have updated my online life: I have a twitter account! @IsiOrejas

I have also created a Facebook Fan Page for my Spanish blog, and I’m planning to create another for this blog soon.

Activities that are coming:

I joined in “Landscape novels month”: it will take place in May and you have to read and review some books of this genre during the month. I will try to read Sarah Lark’s New Zealand trilogy for this activity.

I’m planning an activity in which some of the Spanish and English blogs will be involved. Surprise!

List of March readings:


  • The house of impossible loves (Cristina López Barrio): I will review this book soon.
  • The perfect play (Jaci Burton): a reading for the erotic fortnight. My review.
  • Room (Emma Donoghue): thrilling. My review.
  • Captain Alatriste (Arturo Pérez-Reverte): my favourite book of the month, indeed. My review.
  • Arroz de Palma (Francisco Azevedo): I won’t review this book in English because is only available in Portuguese and Spanish. My review in Spanish.

Short stories:

  • Wakefield (Nathaniel Hawthorne): I will review it soon.
  • Valentine from a soldier (Makenna Jameison) and Male nanny (Jennifer Thomas): for the “Erotic fortnight” too. My review.

And my favourite book of the month was Captain Alatriste!