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This time I want to show you some of the new books I have got in Spanish but that are also available in English, so they will be reviewed sooner or later here:

imm aHouse rules (Jodi Picoult): I have already read it and I loved it. It is so different from what I thought it was about, but so thrilling.

The bronze horseman (Paullina Simons): I have read several positive reviews about this book and I think I will love the story.

imm4Miss Pettigrew lives for a day (Winifred Watson): I neither knew this book nor the author, and then why do I have this novel? Because Leander sent it to me this week! She says this is what I call a “medicine book” – a book that makes you feel better – and that is exactly what I need at the moment. Thanks, Leander!!

imm bAnd I also have promising novels to read on my kindle:

Elusive Dawn (Gabriele Wills): this is the second book of the Muskoka trilogy, and I’m looking forward to reading it since I loved The summer before the storm (my review).

Finding Lily (Lisa D. Ellis): I got this book for review in a book tour (Virtual author book tours). I chose it because I thought I would like the plot, so I will tell you about the book at the end of May.

3rd generation and beyond (Danna Pycher): when Rebecca asked me to participate in the first book tour she is organizing, I said yes! Because this is her first book tour and also becuase she talked very good about this book, so I’m sure I will like it. My review will be out in May too.


Other things to take into account:

Weekday Readathon


Don’tΒ  you have a good plan for next Wednesday? I do, becuase the Weekday Readathon will take place on 24th of April πŸ˜€

More information at:

3rd generation and beyond book tour

If you want to become a tour host for this book, let Rebecca know it, because she is organizing a tour and there are still available dates in May. Check it here.

I am participating; I’m sure I’ll find the book be very thought provoking.