The weekday Readathon is hosted by Love at first book and The book wheel


Well, in this post I want to show you what my goals are for today’s readathon; and later, before going to bed, I will update the post to tell you what I have finally read.

So these are the books I want to read today:

3rd generation3rd generation and beyond (Danna Pycher):

I’m part of a book tour of this book and I want to read it today. It is quite short and if I finished it I will have the great feeling of finishing at least one book during the Readathon.





el-despertar-de-la-senorita-primEl despertar de la señorita Prim (Natalia Sanmartin):

This is the book I’m currently reading. It hasn’t been translated into English yet, but it will have, and I will tell you about it by then. I’m in the middle of the book and I would like to finish it today too, although this is perhaps too much (150 pages).




ERF97506.jpgFantasía (Emilia Pardo Bazán):

This is a short story of one of the Spanish classic authors. It was yesterday for free in amazon, so I purchased it. It has only 26 pages and I have thought I can read it after lunch.

And now, let’s get started!




Readathon’s diary:

I didn’t read in the morning because I had to study, so well, I only read chemistry exercises 😦 . It’s not that bad when you are able to solve them…

Later, while I was cooking lunch, I tried to finish El despertar de la señorita Prim, but I couldn’t because I found that there were 30 pages missing and others doubled. I took a photo that you can see here.

Then I wrote an email to the edithors to ask if they can send me another copy (they sent me the my defective copy for review), and they still haven’t written back. It’s a shame because I was liking the book!

Ayway, a second later I was with my short story of Pardo Bazán. I finished it in less than an hour just before the time I had to study a little bit more of chemistry.

In a break I began to read 3rd generation and beyond, and at 7.00 pm I kept on with the book. I still haven’t finished it, but I was liking it because the author gives you some good tips that are very simple and you already know, but they are so true and sometimes you need to remind them.

At 8.00 pm (2 pm in the East Coast, wow) I was connected to twitter because it was the time of the first check-in. We had a nice chat, although everything seemed to go really fast! I was trying to follow the bloggers I didn’t know, google translator open – just in case – answering and asking questions, etc. I didn’t make it that bad 😉

Then I had dinner and I read a little before going to bed. I was beside the computer and I also had a mailing with an author through Goodreads; she looks very kind. And I’m on 50% with 3rd generation and beyond. Perhaps I will finish it today (25th) evening.

I’m very happy I participated in the weekday readathon beacuse I have met a lot of bloggers! I think I didn’t read much more than a normal weekday actually, but I twitted much more, for sure! It was a shame I couldn’t join the second check-in, in which people chatted with Danna Pycher, the author of 3rd generation and beyond.

Summarizing, I have read one great short story and I have started a book I’m sure I will like very much, so yesterday was a great day of readings!

Thanks, Rebecca and Allison for the organization!