gone girl copia

When I started reading blogs in English I saw millions of reviews of Gone Girl, and I knew I had to read it sooner or later. And some weeks ago I received an email from a Spanish publishing house telling that the book will be launched in Spain very soon and asking if I wanted a copy. And I did want a copy!

Now I understand why the reviews I have read don’t talk very much about the plot. All the reader needs to know before reading it is that a girl called Amy has disappeared the day of Nick and Amy’s fifth anniversary and that Nick himself doesn’t look very worried about it. The sitting room is a mess so there seems to have been a fight, the door is open, nobody has seen anything and Nick was in his bar at that moment, or so he says, because he really doesn’t have a good alibi and he lies to the police during the investigation.

We have chapters written from Nick’s point of view and parts of Amy’s diary that tell us how they meet each other the first time and how the relationship has been going through the years: the ups and downs, their best moments, etc. But there weren’t a lot of good moments in the last months so Amy was trying to solve things by preparing a great surprise for their anniversary: a treasure hunt that Nick tries to solve during the investigation and which is making him realize how much Amy loved him.

my copy of the book and my aunt playing Amy for the photo ;)

my copy of the book and my aunt playing Amy for the photo, in my village 😉

I can’t say more because the story has a lot of turns and the reader has to discover what happens by him or herself. There was a part in which I discovered I have a dark, psychotic side and even when I knew “that” thing was wrong, I couldn’t help loving the situation. And at this point I’m sure that every reader will have a different reaction about the book, but I’m sure all of them will find the story very gripping and will have a great time reading it.