What you are NOT supposed to do

What you are NOT supposed to do

A few weeks ago I saw an advertisement on twitter saying beta readers were needed to help authors who self-publish their books, and I decided to take a look to know what that was exactly. They needed people to read and write about general subjets of the book, for example if you liked it and you got hooked on it, if you have empathize with the characters or not, etc., and I thought it would be a great chance for me to read more and read carefully, thinking about not only enjoying, but also studying the characters and the stories. And of course, it is also ideal to force me to write more in English!

They aren’t paying for the work, but they are not asking you to read more than what you want, when you want, so if you want to know more, here is the link:

Beta readers wanted

I applied and I have read two novellas so far. One of them was the first part of a large book; it had 100 pages, and was a enjoyable reading. The other was actually a short story of 15 pages or so, which wasn’t my favourite genre but that surprised me since it was really funny, and I just told the author I would try to write it in first person instead of third because I thought it could be more powerful in that way.

The only problem I have had being a beta reader is the ebooks format. They have sent me the novellas in word or pdf format, so I have to convert them into mobi online, and then they don’t have good quality (no chapters, several paragraphs separated into two or three parts, etc.). I should try to send the copies to the email amazon offers to their users to convert the ebooks to see if it works better, but I am too lazy.

This experience is interesting because not only do you read as a reader or reviewer, but you also know that the book can be changed depending on your – and other reader’s – opinion, so your feelings are completely different when you start the reading.

I will tell you about the beta novellas I have read as soon as I can!