3rd generation and beyond copia

I got this book thanks to Rebecca, who has organized a book tour of 3rd generation and beyond since she read and loved it, and I’m very pleased I’m also taking part of it.

Danna is the granddaughter of two Holocaust survivors and in this book she talks about the situations in which she has been involved that have made her think about her grandparents’ lives and how they faced their problems in the past. Her grandparents always tried to be kind with other people, even with strangers; they helped her friends and lived without complaining about the bad things that happened to them in the past even though they were terrible situations in which they lost their families, but these people have always put a smile on their face to let people know you can always find happiness.

Danna talks about times or situations when she has behaved rudely or she has complained about her bad luck, and how the memory of her grandparents made her think that this is not the way to solve her problems. She has written short chapters in which she gives simple tips (be kind, try to learn something from the bad times, help people in need, learn about the history of your family, etc.) that you have probably heard or read millions of times, but I think that is good to remind them from time to time and finally carry them out!

Fortunately, we will never find ourselves in the situation of witnessing our family being forced to board a train to a death camp, so if we compare, all the troubles of our life seem quite easier. And if the people that have suffered that situation have lived happily without being grumpy or feeling sorry for themselves for the rest of their lives, I’m sure we also can learn that lesson and do it as well. We can create a better world if we try, and that’s what this book is about.

rakin4I’m glad to say that Rebecca is organizing a giveaway: there are 5 copies of the book available and it is open international:

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And there will be a twitter chat with the author on Thursday, May 23 at 7PM using the hashtag #3GAB. Hope a lot of people want to join the chat.

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