tears_in_rainWhen I won this book in a giveaway time ago, I decided to follow Rosa Montero on Facebook and I have discovered firstly that she manages her own social networks (this doesn’t happen with all the authors) and secondly, that she is strongly committed to the social situation we are experiencing in my country, so she is always sharing and promoting charity campaigns to get money for the people that are being evicted from their houses, or get a new home for the abandoned animals in animal shelters. For all these things I was almost sure I was going to like her books, and yes, I was right: Tears in rain is first Rosa Montero novel I have read and it won’t be the last.

The plot is set in the future, in the year 2109, and everything is very similar to the world portrayed in Blade Runner. The main character is Bruna Husky, a combat replicant who works as a detective in Madrid. Replicants are made for specific jobs and they have to work for their first 2 years for the government; after that they can live their own lives. They have artificial memories that make them feel they have been children and now adults, that they have had a family but they only live 10 years (from 25 to 35) until they die. Bruna is obsessed with her age; all her life is a countdown.

The story starts when Bruna’s replicant neighbor appears at her door saying she is human and the replicants want to kill her and then, after trying to kill Bruna, she commits suicide. Bruna is shocked when she discovers there are more cases like her neighbour’s: some replicants are becoming insane and they kill other people and themselves. But this is not bad news for everyone: the political party for human supremacy is taking advantage of these situations for people to think replicants are cruel and hate humans, so the best thing to do is kill them.

Bruna’s world is very similar to ours, especially in the bad things such as racism and poverty, and the differences are being explained little by little throughout the book. It’s not difficult to imagine all that surrounding technology if you have watched Blade Runner, and Rosa Montero even goes beyond and talks about teleportation, extraterrestrial beings and so on. There have been wars and climate changes but people are still people and act like people nowadays. But the main subject of the story is life: what makes us humans; our memories, even if they are artificial? Are you able to fall in love or have good friends if you know you will die in a very few years? These are the questions Bruna Husky has to face every day of her short life.

I promise you will see Bruna as human as you and me.