finding lily copia

I got this book some weeks ago thanks to virtual author book tours in exchange for a review. It has been a short but deep reading, very different from the books I usually read.

Finding Lily begins with a tragic event: Lily, Claire and Jim’s baby, dies when she only has lived for a few hours. Claire can’t face all the pain she feels, so she decides to go to a friend’s house in a seaside village, next to a lighthouse. This village is special for Claire because she has gone there every summer since she was a little girl, and she also met Jim there for the first time, so it seems to be the perfect place to stay for a time and think about her life since her best memories belong to that place.

In the lighthouse Claire remembers her adulthood: her art studies, the relationship with Jim, their ups and downs, the engagement and finally Lily, their little baby. Claire and Jim are so different from each other and they cope with the pain in different ways; they can’t be together after Lily’s death but there in the village she can’t stop thinking of him and wondering if she is also in his thoughts.

There are other people Claire gets to know a little in the village, and I would have liked to know more about them, as well as I think it would have been interesting to read some chapters from Jim’s point of view, but the story is short and Claire is the only narrator.

Anyway, I liked very much the way she tells us the events of her life because the reader gets involved in the story, which is really touching and sentimental, not only for the tragedy of Lily’s death but also because the reader empathizes with the relationship between Claire and Jim. Claire discusses with herself there in the lighthouse about things like religion and how your perception on that issue changes when your situation changes completely.

Even though it has a sad beginning, I think the end is encouraging because Claire finally gets to the conclusion that she has fight for the things she loves and she has been happy in her life, so I have finished the book with an optimistic feeling.


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