A few days ago I was “invited” to an event on goodreads: a group of indie authors has decided to organize giveaways in order to promote their books, and some of them are offering their novels for free in amazon for a few days.

the ruby brooch

One of these novels is The ruby brooch, by Katherine Logan, a book I was looking forward to reading, which has a lot of positive reviews on amazon and goodreads. It is a fantasy and romance novel with family mysteries and time travelling.

It is free for this weekend, so I have thought we can purchase it now and read it together in July, what do you say?

We will share our thoughts about the book while reading it on a group I’ve just created on facebook: The ruby brooch joint reading. Spanish bloggers are also participating!

Then, we will review the book between the last week of July and the first week of August – you can choose the date you prefer.

If you want to participate, just leave a comment saying so, purchase the book (this is an important point) and join the group on goodreads if you want to!