one hundred years of solitudeOne hundred years of boredom, in my opinion.

I was very excited when I picked up the book: it was the kind of book that has been since always on my shelves but I never tried to read, even when everybody said I was going to love it, so when the chance came, thanks to the classics spin, I was really looking forward to reading and loving it.

The fact is that I have found a family saga with several generations and a large amount of people with the same names whose behavior was really difficult to understand for me. Once the author introduces a character, he or she can be perfectly missing until you find them again 50 pages later, and perhaps they only appear in one or two pages – or paragraphs! – but you have to check the family tree constantly because you are lost among all of them. Not to mention that the story didn’t catch my attention and I couldn’t read ten pages at a time without a big cup of coffee. In fact, last week I had plenty of time to read, but I preferred to do other things instead every time I looked at the book.

To summarize the plot, I can say that this is the story of the Buendía family, which founded a little village called Macondo where people live happily but which is so isolated that all the modern advantages are brought by a group of gypsies that travel to Macondo every year. All the members of the Buendía family seem to have a tragic fate because of the war (it is set in Colombia’s civil wars) or because they fall in love with the wrong people, mainly other Buendías; so the story goes back and forth from one Buendía to another, all of them with the same names and with no particularly interesting stories.

There was two points that I liked a little: one was the lies that a banana company tells to the people of Macondo and everybody believes, and the other was the end of the book, which I liked not only because it was the end at last, but because it is quite surprising.

Well, I would like to point out that I haven’t been alone in this little torture: Melinda has read the book with me and we have been commenting how stupid the characters were, complaining about how boring the story was and encouraging each other to keep on reading (she has put the book down for a while to pick up other – more interesting – reading).

As you may be thinking, this is a book I don’t recommend.

rakin1The classics club: 3/50
Family sagas challenge: 5/10
authors whose mother language is Spanish challenge: 14/25