the story of sassy sweetwater copia

I received this book thanks to Virtual Author Book Tours; I chose it because I thought it would be a delightful southern story, and so it has been.

Sassy discovers that she has a family at the age of thirteen, when the last of her mother’s partners dies unexpectedly and the woman decides it’s time to come back to her parent’s house in South Carolina. It turns out that Sassy’s family is very wealthy, so suddenly the girl begins to live an absolutely different life – she lives in a big house with lots of servants, she has a lot of aunts, uncles and cousins and she really believes that this is her place.

At the beginning, the relationship with her grandmother is not easy, but little by little she gets to fit in the family, and so does her mother, who besides has reunited with the man she has always loved: Sassy’s father. But this moment of happiness won’t last forever because there are some family secrets that have brought a lot of pain to the ones Sassy loves now and there are members of the family that Sassy still hasn’t known who are absolutely evil.

The story is set in the sixties and has two different parts: the one I’ve summarized above, and the one who tells Sassy’s adulthood after her mother leaves her alone. It is a story full of turns in which Sassy has to make fast decisions that will change her life forever.

What I liked most was how the family, especially Grandma Edna, changes along the story: at the beginning she is rude with Sassy because she wants her new granddaughter to follow all her strict rules in the house, but later they will realize both have a lot in common and even though Edna hasn’t known Sassy since she was a baby, then they love each other as any of the other grandparents and grandchildren. The behavior of Sassy’s mother is also remarkable because the reader just can’t understand that woman. It seems like she wants to get rid of Sassy wherever she finds a place, and then go away and live her life alone, but nevertheless, this is one of the points that make you sympathize with Sassy and get gripped to the book because some of the secrets hidden by the family are related to her mother.

The story is told from Sassy’s perspective and I noticed that at the beginning, when she is still young, the language of the book is simpler than later on, when she grows up, and I liked it since it makes you feel involved with the character. I also liked the different settings of the story: from a traditional southern state to the hippy era of France, with a lot of interesting characters, like Sassy’s aunts.

So all I can say is that I enjoyed the book and I recommend it if you like these kinds of stories.


The story of Sassy Sweetwater
Vera Jane Cook
320 pages
Keep calm and read 20 books in English: 11/20