high summer rat

The High Summer Readathon starts today and I’m in!

It’s the first time I’m participating in a readathon which lasts for a whole week and I’m very excited! I’m currently reading Under the dome, by Stephen King, in Spanish (250 pages at this moment) and I want to finish this book during the week and read at least another book in English.

The aim of this post is to update it everyday with my progress, so you can see if I’m getting my goal 😉

Let’s start in 3, 2, 1…

Monday 22nd

I have read only 50 pages, so this is not a good beginning.

Tuesday 23rd

I didn’t read, this is horrible!!

Wednesday 24th

I have read 100 pages, not that bad.

Thursday 25th

100 pages more.

The weekend

Unfortunately I got ill on Friday night and I spend 2 days in bed, sweating with tempetarure and without reading a word. I read a little on Sunday afternoon, but finally I decided not to consider that I have been participating in the Readathon because I have read less than a normal week.

The good news is that I’m much better and also that I’m really enjoying King’s novel, so I will keep on reading it this week.