the ruby broochI came across this author when I began to follow a group of indie authors on Goodreads, and from the beginning I was interested in this book, which seemed to be a romance and adventure book – a combination that I love – so when I received an email saying that the book will be for free as a promotion on Amazon, I decided to tell everybody in case you wanted to read it with me. And that’s how we read and discussed the book together last month on Facebook 😀

The main character in The ruby brooch is Kit MacKlenna, a woman in her twenties who has lost her family in a car accident. Just then, she reads her father’s diary and discovers that they were not her natural parents: she was abandoned as a baby at the door of their house with a magical brooch that lets you travel in time. Her father carried out his own research and even though he didn’t find Kit’s parents, he discovered that they were killed, so she decides to go into the past and find out what happened to them.

With appropriate equipment that includes an iPod, a digital camera, medical supplies and her pets, she travels back to Missouri in 1852, where a wagon train is about to leave to San Francisco on a route that goes through the last clue to the whereabouts of Kit’s parents. And there she meets Cullen, a Scottish lawyer leading the journey, who Kit already knows since his ghost has been haunting her for several years. Is this a coincidence?

The book starts giving away very little information that the reader would discover eventually during the reading. The journey is full of obstacles that Kit is able to overcome, sometimes thanks to the skills she has as a woman of the 21st century; so she involuntarily does some things that make the others think she is strange and, in the end, she tells Cullen her secret, once they are in love.

I liked the love story; I felt the chemistry between Kit and Cullen and I liked the fact that they had to face the question about the place and time where they wanted to live together, which was quite complicated. Cullen is the kind of male character that I like in romances I read: educated, strong and sensible. Kit is also strong and self-confident, even when she is in a strange place on her own, but sometimes she got on my nerves when she argued with Cullen for nothing at all.

The adventures are entertaining and there were some details that surprised me, for example the way the characters try to contact with each other through time – it was quite imaginative! – or how people of the nineteenth century got used to modern technology. Otherwise, I also found other things that didn’t convince me: Kit is a virgin (like Bella in Twilight, like Anastasia in Fifty shades of Grey… Why?) and the way the engagement between Cullen and his fiancée ends is too suitable for him.

Apart from these little details, I have to say that I enjoyed the book from the beginning to the end and I would recommend it if you like the type of story full of romance and adventures.

It has also been great to share our thoughts about the book with other bloggers and with the author herself, who has explained us how she did her research for the book by traveling through a similar route the first pioneers travelled two hundred years ago.


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