riverstarThis is the third book on the River Valley series, whose first book, Riversong, was a novel that I enjoyed a lot. All these books have the same location in common – River Valley, a fictional town in Oregon – and different main characters that have been introduced but not developed in the previous books.

In Riverstar the main character is a woman called Bella who works as a professional makeup artist for a film producer, and they are going to shoot the next film in River Valley, where Bella’s brother lives. There she meets Ben, her ex-boyfriend, and they both feel they are still in love with each other, so they decide to give their relationship another try. But just then, an actress of the film Bella is working in is found murdered and Ben is the main suspect. While he is in prison, Bella will have to investigate on her own in order to find the real murderer and prove Ben’s innocence.

This is an easy read in which the bulk of the story deals with the criminal investigation. Bella gets help from her brother and friends, who are characters that we already know from the previous books, but I must confess that I guessed who was the killer from the beginning so at the end of the novel, when I saw I was right, I felt a little bit disappointed since the story didn’t have any major surprises for me, and neither did I find Bella and Ben as attractive and well developed as the characters of Riversong.

It isn’t a bad story – in fact I read it in less than two days because I got hooked on the investigation, which in the end included drugs and blackmailing – but it’s just that I would have liked more intensity regarding the characters and their relationship.



Keep calm and read 20 books in English: 14/20