library of the dead

I got this book time ago by exchanging it with a friend who liked it but didn’t want to continue with the trilogy. I still hadn’t read it when, at the beginning of the summer, the Spanish publishing house that is publishing Glenn Cooper’s books happened to send me the third book in the trilogy, so I decided to start reading it as soon as possible.

Library of the dead is a thriller set in three different times. At the beginning of the book, we meet FBI agent Will Pipper, who by chance is asked to investigate some crimes that are taking place in New York. The victims have received a postcard with a date and tomb drawn on it, and then they were murdered just in that date. The Doomsday killer, the media calls this serial killer, and Will has no idea where to start because there is no connection between the victims and some of the murders seem to be natural deaths.

Back in Brittany in the year 777, a seventh son of a seventh son is born. He is said to have evil powers and at the age of five his father leaves him in an abbey because the child is rather strange: he constantly writes names and dates, in every language!

And the third time of the story is set also in Britain just after the Second World War, when a group of archeologists find an ancient library which will be directly related to Area 51 in Nevada.

The main part is the one set nowadays, with Will Pipper as the main character and all the characters around him that are going to help in the investigation in some way; but even thought this part is super thrilling, I didn’t like Will as a character because he is the same stereotypical agent we find in almost all crime novels: a middle-aged man who is very successful at his job but drinks too much, has a broken family – mainly because he drinks like a fish – and is incapable of maintaining a normal relationship with a woman despite the fact that all of them fall in love with him. I feel as if crime novels have always the same male character in a never-ending repetition, but I have to say that this is a genre I don’t usually read, so I suppose someday I will find other kinds of detectives.

However, Will is such a minor detail in this thrilling story that I didn’t mind so much about his drunkenness: I read the book in two days because I couldn’t put it down it being as exciting as it is. Little by little the reader is going to find out what happened with this library, who wrote it and what is the secret hidden in Area 51, which will turn out to have terrestrial purposes rather than extraterrestrial beings.

This is the beginning of a trilogy, but the book has its own end; Will and co. catch the insane guy who is sending those postcards and they finally get to know what’s in Area 51. It’s just that at the end of the story a shocking question related to the library is brought up and you need to know what is going to happen next! So if you are looking for lots of entertainments and thrills, read it!

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