I had no idea this book existed until Leander gave it to me some months ago, despite the fact that this is a well known classic and there is even a film based on it (which I will watch soon, although I have read it is far removed from the plot of the book).

Miss Pettigrew is a middle-aged lady and not so skilled governess who is looking for a job, when the agency sends her to go to Miss LaFosse’s apartment because the latter has been asking for an employee to take care of her children. But the woman who opens the door to Miss Pettigrew that morning looks like an actress, is with a lover in the apartment, and there are not any children in sight. Before Miss Pettigrew has any changes to speak in order to introduce herself, Miss Delysia LaFosse asks for her first request: to get the man out of the apartment in case Miss LaFosse’s other lovers appear there.

This is the first of a succession of scandalous tasks Miss Pettigrew manages to solve for her new employer while her virginal mind deals with all those disgusting hot kisses Miss LaFosse dispenses among her lovers. And this is only the beginning of an intense day in which Miss Pettigrew will get to know how the other half live; a life that might not seem very virtuous, but which is undoubtedly more exciting.

I have had a great time with Miss Pettigrew: in the first part of the book there are many amusing situations owing to the misunderstandings that take place in the apartment since Miss Pettigrew never has the occasion to explain why she is there and she is suddenly involved in parties, clubs and alcoholic drinks. Besides, had I not read this book I would never have known that plastic surgery was available in the twenties! Don’t worry: Miss Pettigrew doesn’t have an operation 😉

This breathless day has a happy ending for everybody, except for some of Miss LaFosse’s lovers, so this is definitely a delightful tale, perfect for cheering up a couple of evenings.


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