I enjoyed very much The story of Sassy Sweetwater (review), also by this author, so when I saw that this new novel was on tour, I couldn’t say no to read and review it.

The Cassidys might look like an exemplary family, but if you look closely, you will find out some of their issues, which even they still don’t know they have. Lily Cassidy, a girl of sixteen, has her first serious relationship with a boy called Pierce; the problem is that her younger brother, Dalton, has seen them and gets to the conclusion that he has to do something to defend Lily’s virtue. Ryan Cassidy, their father, is worried because he is sure he is falling in love with the last of his lovers and, besides, he is noticing that his daughter Lily is spending too much time with his bastard son, Pierce. Of course nobody but Pierce’s mother and Ryan himself knows about that affair that happened so long ago. Finally, Rose Cassidy, the mother, is beginning to feel sexually attracted towards a member of the women’s club – a woman, no need to say.

Yes, you are right: everything is going to explode. All at once 😉

I know you are thinking this is like a soap opera but in a book (and it is!), but seriously: it works for me. I got gripped from the beginning, and by the time you get to know why Ryan doesn’t want Lily to have any intimacy with Pierce, you can’t stop reading. There are moments in which the story only gives you some clues about what’s happening – and later the author explains the situation through one of the characters – and other moments in which the reader is taken directly into the middle of the action.

There are secrets, murder, blackmailing, sex (non explicit) and love, which can take many shapes. You have no time to get bored with Vera’s stories.

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