The horse whisperer

Perhaps you have already watched the film. If that’s the case, you must have seen wonderful landscapes and animals, but the problem is you have the image of Robert Redford trying to act as he always acts; feigning his mind is impenetrable and he is the most interesting man on earth and, fortunately, this man is not Tom Booker, the main character of The horse whisperer.

In conclusion: you must read the book.

The story begins with two girls on a sunny winter morning, doing what they like most: riding on their horses through the fields covered by snow, chatting and enjoying the landscape. But that morning fate is waiting for them: the girls have an accident on a road with a truck and one of them dies, while the other, Grace, looses a leg. In all this drama, her horse, Pilgrim, also gets injured, but not only physically, but also in his soul; horse and rider will never be the same.

Annie, Grace’s mother, incapable of helping her daughter, decides to go from New York to Montana with Grace and Pilgrim in order to take the horse to a horse whisperer called Tom Booker, in the hope that Pilgrim’s improvement will also help Grace. And so they go to start their lives again.

The scene of the accident is really dramatic, and so they are the next chapters in which Grace has to face the fact that nobody is going to treat her in a normal way again – all those students staring at her prosthetic leg at school. Even her parents don’t know how to act when they are with her; the family seems to be somehow broken because of her. But there in Montana, Grace and Annie get to know people who accept them as they really are, and Grace doesn’t have to pretend anymore.

Regarding Annie, here is one of the most romantic stories I have ever read. Annie finds her love in Montana, but she knows it’s too late for both of them. The only thing Annie and Tom can do is enjoy every minute they spend together, knowing that it could be the last; that they are destined to be separated, but the other will live in their heart forever. Their love story is as sad and brief as intense; could there be a more touching romance?


The horse whisperer
Nicholas Evans
Dell Publishing
ISBN13: 9780440222651
451 pages

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