caramel and magnolias

This is the third book by Tess Thompson I read, and all I have to say is that she has another fan here. I will always remember her with affection because Riversong (review) was one of the first books I read in English, and I first participated in a book tour with a promotional post about Caramel and Magnolias, which I was confused with, because I thought I was getting a copy for review instead of showing an excerpt on my blog – my English was so basic by then 😉 – so I finally entered a giveaway and won a digital copy. And after all these adventures, today you can read my review!

The story begins when a teenage girl disappears. The owner of an adoption agency might be involved in the case, and this is the man Cleo Tanner contacts in order to help her best friend, Sylvia, to have a baby; a dream Sylvia thought she would never achieve.

In this novel, some of the characters have a painful past behind them. Cleo, for a start, hasn’t dated anybody since her boyfriend died in an accident time ago. Sylvia is desperate to get her baby, and she ends up destroying her marriage because of her obsession – she will have a happy ending, though. Nick (ohh Nick, how I loved this character!), Sylvia and Cleo’s friend, has been secretly in love with a woman for years, poor man! And Peter, the detective who works in the case of the missing girl, has trouble with commitment at relationships because his parents’ marriage didn’t work.

So we have a group of characters who have to deal with their past as well as their present situation, and an interesting plot about the probably illegal activities the adoption agency is carrying out, which makes the book very fun. I also liked the secondary characters; I would have happily read more about them in this book, especially about Peter’s brother and mother.

The suspense is intriguing and the romance is sweet, so both aspects make Caramel and Magnolias an enjoyable reading you will have a good time with.


PS: today I was supposed to review Tea and Primroses, the next book in this series, but I had a problem with the ARC I got and I started it late – I’m reading it at the moment and I will review it next week. Anyway, I’m happy I read Caramel first, because I have found some of the characters in the second book, and it’s better if you already know them, I think. Hope Tess doesn’t mind!

PS2: Here you can read Allison’s review.

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