tea and primroses tess thompsonTea and primroses is the second book in The Legley Bay collection, and I enjoyed it much more than Caramel and Magnolias!

You know how much I like novels with family secrets, when the characters find out something about the past that could never have imagined, and it somehow changes their present lives for the better. This book has it all, and even more: it has a beautiful love story that touched me.

The story begins with the death of Constance in an accident; she was a popular author who had a simple life in a house on the coast. Constance had lost her husband time ago and had an only daughter, Sutton, who is now devastated, not only for Constance’s death, but also because the police think it has been a murder.

Sutton has grown up with Declan, Constance’s housemaid and best friend’s son, and the friendship between each other turned to love when they become teenagers; eventually their ways got separated but, fortunately, the funeral has reunited them again. Sutton has never stopped loving him, and her mother, in her will, encourages her to come back to him because she knew Declan is her only love. Together, they find a manuscript where Constance tells them a story about her they never had a clue about.

And what a beautiful and sad story! I felt myself as a part of it from the beginning because it is so intense. Constance talks about her as a girl who finds love through her will to become a writer, but because of the circumstances she has to let it go and live her life without him; she would never forget about what she once had, but would also learn that it will never come back, so she has to look forward. How hard would that be? Constance, as a writer, knows how to express in words what feelings claim, so that the reader can feel it too.

The part set in the present time, with Sutton and Declan, is also very sweet. They had missed each other so much, but they are afraid of not being able to make their relationship work again; after all, it was years ago when they were together.

All I can say is that this is my favourite of Tess Thompson’s novels so far. It has everything I need in a story, and I liked the way she has written it, with a normal narration for the present time, and excerpts of Constance’s manuscript to tell her own part, which really touched my heart.

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Tea and Primroses
Tess Thompson
250 pages
Keep calm and read in English: 6/20