Spring BloggiestaThis is my first bloggiesta ever, and I was looking forward to participating because – let’s be honest – there is a lot of blog work that I have to do! How exciting! πŸ˜€

I will only have time for blogwork over the weekend, so I have tried to keep my goals small:

♦ Try one bloggiesta mini challenge. DONE

♦ Catch up with blogs; I have hundreds of blog posts to read! DONE

♦ Write my own review policy; it’s time for me to have one.

♦ Create a new blog page with the list of authors/books reviewed. DONE

♦ Create twitter lists for bloggers/friends/authors, etc. My twitter is a chaos. DONE

♦ Write at least one review (I have read several books the last weeks but I haven’t found time to review them).

I’m going to update this post as soon as the work is done, so everybody can know I’m trying very hard.

So let’s go!

bloggiestastartTwitter lists:

I spent hours doing this task because I was following more than 500 people (or things, or animals… seriously!). The first problem I found was to decide which lists I wanted to create, and if I wanted to include English and Spanish-speaking people in the same list.

I finally created these ones:

twitter listsIn my Family list there are more than one member, and I can see them all, but I don’t know why in the list it says there is only one!

Anyway, this was a great goal because now I can keep track of everybody easily. I think I’m going to use this social network much more now.

Review index

I can’t believe I finally created my index!

I decided to do it by author’s surnames on a new blog page. You can see it here :mrgreen: I’m proud of myself!

Catching up with blogs:

I use InoReader to read all my friends’ blogs and I think it works very good. The problem is that the reader works good, but I never have time to look at it, so today I finally read and commented in at least one of the post of my fellow bloggers:

My Ino reader before catching up:

inoreader beforeMy InoReader after πŸ˜‰ :

inoreader afterBloggiesta mini challenge:

I finally tried Shannon’s challenge because I wasn’t very good with picmonkey; I only have tried a couple of times to do very easy things, and I created a new facebook cover for my personal profile:

cabecera FBDo you like it?

Bloggiesta-Finish-Line3And bloggiesta finished.

I wasn’t able to do everything, but I think I did a great amount of blog stuff. I need to perform my own bloggiesta on any of the following weekends because I really want to write down the review policy, but I’m not in a hurry; I’ll do it when I feel inspired.

Hope you got a lot of blog goals in this bloggiesta?