march in booksYou might think I read eight books, according to the picture, but they were actually ten – the other two are only available in Spanish and I didn’t include them here. ¡¡Ten books!!

The power of habit (review) and The honest truth about dishonesty were audiobooks.

I read Clash of kings in Spanish as part of a joint reading, and Comfort of fences as part of a book tour.

I recieved Tea and primroses (review) from the publishers, and I couldn’t be happier because I love romance.

The returned is everywhere since the TV series is also on air in Spain, but the book disappointed me a little.

There is a collection of short stories, Flowers in the rain, by one of my favourite authors.

And finally, my favourite book of the month, chosen for my book club, was The kite runner.

Hope you had a good month as well. Now let’s start April!