ReadersWorkoutsIf you are reading this blog, your favourite hobby is probably reading books, which is cool and I also do it very often, but you know you should exercise your body as well as your mind, and this is exactly what Joy is trying to do: she encourages book bloggers to share their exercise routines weekly on their blogs, and I’m finally joining her! But I’m doing this on my own way: talking randomly about what I do to keep fit (more or less fit, anyway).

So today I’m talking about running, which is my new way of torturing myself lately.

This is the park where I go to run

This is the park where I go to run

A couple of months ago, I decided to start running… again. I must have tried it at least 4 times in the past, but I failed mainly because I was so tired for the other sports I was practicing. I have been doing exercise all my life, but running has been always out of reach for me: I couldn’t run intervals of more than 5 minutes, and after those few minutes, I felt like dying. So this time – which is going to be the last because I’m sure I will get it – I started with a beginners routine in which you have to run and walk, and then gradually you increase your running minutes and reduce the walking. The goal is to run 40 minutes at the end of the plan, and I would be very happy if I get to run 30. This plan is for three days per week, but I keep my own pace since I go swimming (I’ll talk about it in another post) three days a week, and I only go running two days.

I have never read a book about running, to be honest, but lately I’ve been listening to audiobooks about habits and willpower, and I think they are helping me a little with this running thing. At the moment, I think I can say I have my willpower under control when it comes to go running first thing in the morning (I run before going to work), and I promise I have skipped only once because there were floods on the riverside where I usually go to run.

And why running, you might ask. First, because it’s a personal goal: I have never been able to run, even when I was working in a gym (I’ll talk about this in another post) and I was super fit and strong. And also because it’s a simple exercise which doesn’t demand a specific place or expensive clothes: you can just go out of your house and start running.

I want to highlight that my goal is to run, not to lose weight (at least for the moment); I haven’t weighed myself for months because I want to focus only on running, and don’t get distracted – and obsessed, because we all know how we act when it comes to our weight – with kilograms. I want to run at least 30 minutes; that’s my goal. The rest must wait 😉


A little bit of humor… or maybe not!

This week, according to my plan, I have to run 15 minute intervals for the first time. Wish me luck!