May in booksHere you can see, once again, the books I finished last month.

I should have posted here all the text books about Law I have studied this month (Roman law, constitutional law, civil law, etc.), but somehow I thought you wouldn’t be that interested in these ones 😉

Audiobooks in English:

  • The now habit (Neil Fiore): I started listening to audiobooks about habits and organization, and now I can’t stop.
  • Making it all work (David Allen): a kind of second part of Getting things done that is not worth your time.

Books in English:

  • Dancing backward in Paradise (Vera Jane Cook).
  • The princess bride (William Goldman): a re-read I thoroughly enjoyed again. It’s my favourie book.

Books in Spanish:

  • The fault in our stars (John Green): a good young adult novel.
  • Intemperie (Jesús Carrasco): this time I add this book, which is not available in English for the moment, because I know it is being translated into several languages, so I suppose that sooner or later it will be in English too. A great story, but leaves you quite depressed.


And that’s all.

They are a lot if we consider that all those books I mentioned above about law have been also deeply read this month. I’m finishing the exams at university this week, so I think that in a few days I will be reviewing as always here on the blog.

Meanwhile, enjoy your reads!