apocalypse next tuesday david safierI suppose you have some knowledge of the Scripture, regarding the part in which it is said that there will be an End when every one of us will have to prove our faith in the Final Judgment and so on. Well guys, now you must know that this insignificant part of the Bible is scheduled for next Tuesday! 😀

Apocalypse next Tuesday intruduces us to Jesus Christ, who has come back to Earth again. As you should already know, there will be a Final Battle between good and evil (Jesus is obviously on the good side) in Jerusalem at the end of times, and the Messiah is currently in Germany trying to get to know the people of our time better, to check their faith and see if we keep the Ten Commandments, as God requires. Summarizing, the typical things Jesus would do.

Satan is also on Earth – under George Clooney’s appearance – in order to recruit his four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and began the battle. Even Archangel Gabriel is here, but the problem is that he is in depth study of the mysteries of tantric sex and it is not much interested in going back to Heaven right now.

Our main character in the book is Marie, a woman in her thirties who has just broken up with her boyfriend (he doesn’t find her weight appropriate) only to go back to live in her father’s house and feel sorry for herself. She meets Jesus (Joshua in his original name) when he is required as a carpenter to fix the roof in Marie’s bedroom, and well, let’s say her first impression is that he has a good ass. He is also very gentle and polite, of course; don’t you think she is that superficial!

Marie gets a date with the Son of God and, when she finally finds out who he really is, she tries desperately to make him see that people nowadays are nice, since the perspective of watching her nearest and dearest burning forever in Hell is not appealing, don’t you think?

This is the second book I read from this German author, David Safier, and I absolutely recommend it to you if you want to read something funny. I found myself laughing out loud at every page of his books because all the characters’ adventures are hilarious. Safier’s kind of humor is perfect to cheer people up; it’s fresh and amusing, and I promise his books will make you live longer since laughing increases your lifespan, or so it is said.

Do you need more reasons to read this author?


Apocalypse next Tuesday
David Safier
Published by Hesperus
269 pages