30 authors in 30 daysAs part of the event 30 authors in 30 days (#30Authors), this week I’m posting a review written by Jeff Abbott and, since I had not read any book by him, I thought the time had come. It’s a shame that, among more than a dozen books he has out, only two of them have been translated into Spanish. So well, I chose Panic to read and review for the event.

Panic Jeff AbbottEvan Casher is a documentary filmmaker with a normal life who one day goes to visit his mother and discovers she has been murdered. Evan himself is almost killed too, but in the end a man helps him and tells him that his parents were secret agents who bought and sold secrets to the US government and other companies. Evan doesn’t have much time to give some thought to that unbelievable revelation because he is being chased by dangerous people, so his only chance is to look for what his parents really were and try to understand why there are people interested in him now.

This is the classic thriller, with a lot of surprises, twists and very evil characters – one of them I think is up to the point of insanity – which make the reader get glued to the pages. I liked the explanation about what really happened with Evan’s parents; it was really unexpected. However, I didn’t like that amount of characters involved in the plot; they were too many and this made me loose track with the story: if you read the book little by little, as I did, you may forget some of the names and get a little lost when you pick it up again.

Summarizing, Panic is a good read if you look for entertainment; the kind of book that you can perfectly imagine as a film with all that action sequences – chases, murders, secrets and federal agencies involved.