Abu's library card 1When my grandmother became a widow she tried to embrace new activities to keep herself busy and go out a little, instead of staying at home thinking she was alone.

I remember that the first thing she did was signing up for computer classes, when she was almost 80! There she went for a couple of courses, and now she knows how to send emails to us, her children and grandchildren; look for whatever she is interested using google, as well as reading the newspaper online, and my blog too!

She also likes sewing with a friend of hers (we all have beautiful curtains, tablecloths and woolen hats made by her) and she is reading a lot lately. Of course, I am the one in charge of providing books for her to read.

I find quite difficult to recommend books, but after some failed attempts I knew exactly which reads she is most likely to enjoy. The problem here is that after a couple of years I have almost run out of her kind of books; I asked her why she doesn’t learn English so I can lend her some books she will love, but she didn’t want to hear about it, so I went for the only choice left: I decided the time to get her own library card had come.

We went to the library together last week in order to get the card (I had already filled the form, etc.), take a look around the library for her to know where to find the novels the next time she goes, and look for the only novel by Kate Morton she hasn’t read yet, which was borrowed (Who dared! Grrrr).Abu's library card 2

In the end, we decided to borrow another book by Jojo Moyes, because we both loved Me before you (my review), and then we had a coffee together to celebrate.

Hope she enjoys walking around the bookshelves at the library as much as I do!