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Book fairThere has been a book fair of second-hand books in my hometown this last fortnight, and there is always a stall with a tiny pile of books in English I like to check every year, so there I went, and I almost need a taxi to come back home with all those books 😉

It’s not my fault – they were so cheap I couldn’t help myself!

imm1Night Music (Jojo Moyes): My boyfriend bought me this one. You know how much I loved Me before you, and I want to read more by this author.

Change of heart and Handle with care (Jodi Picoult): another author I would like to read more by.

The lucky one (Nicholas Sparks): I know I will end up crying with Sparks’ stories, but even so, I love them.

The other half lives (Sophie Hannah): I didn’t know this one, but I had to choose four books if I wanted to get a discount, so I thought this one might be a good mystery.

Written in my own heart’s blood (Diana Gabaldon): Here you can see my crown jewel 😀 I didn’t buy this one at the book fair; I ordered it in my local library because I have just finished the 7th book in the series and I don’t want to wait until the 8th is translated into Spanish, so I bought it on a whim!

And now, it’s time to read my brand new books.