Readers' workouts Joy

I want to share some thoughts about my workouts, thanks to Joy’s section, now that the year is coming to an end, because it has been a remarkable year for me regarding exercise.

I started to run in February. This sounds unbelievable, but I have worked for 9 years in a gym, teaching 15 hours per week of high impact activities, and I wasn’t able to run for more than 5 minutes. When I left the job I thought about running from time to time, but seeing that I ran for less than 10 and I had to go home because I couldn’t do more was very discouraging, and I never tried it seriously.

However, this year it was different. I really wanted to do it, no matter how down I feel at the beginning, so I followed a plan for beginners whose goal was to run for 40 minutes in 10 weeks. I did it at my own pace, so I repeated some of the workouts or I went some sessions back if I felt it was too hard to go for the next step, and I finally run 40 minutes for the first time in July.

I had a race in mind: it’s called here San Silvestre and takes place at the end of the year. In Spain every town organizes this race and it’s very amusing because some of the runners go in disguises and they had a lot of fun – I wanted to be part of it!

So this weekend I attended to my very first San Silvestre. I went with my boyfriend and a friend of his (the kind of guys who don’t need to train, they just go to a race and are able to run whatever the distance – I’m so jealous!) and we had a great time. There were runners disguised in nativity scences, Santas, even bananas! And two crazy men ran in their underwear, being the temperature 2ºC (I think that’s 35ºF). We ran 7K through the center of my hometown passing by most of the monuments, and there were people throughout the circuit cheering the runners. I ran faster than I normally do (which is slowly nevertheless) and I began feeling exhausted at the middle of the race, but somehow I managed to cross the finish line without stopping even once – I’m very proud of myself!

Here you can take a look at what I did.

San Silvestre

My goal for 2015 is keep on exercising. Seeing you improve every day is really satisfying, and even though I’ll never win a race, I think this is about feeling good about yourself, which is exactly my case 😀

Hope you have a very Happy New Year!