Receiving this book has been a great event for me since it is the first time I request a copy in paper from a publishing house, and also because I turned out to love the story Cynthia Swanson has created.

the booksellerWe are in Denver in the 1960s and Kitty, the protagonist and narrator, runs a bookshop with her best friend, Frieda. They are in their thirties and neither of them has got married, which is quite unusual in those times, but they are happy they have a business they love and enjoy their freedom. On the other hand, things are not going well for the bookshop because other areas of the town, far from where the shop is located, are becoming more popular and the number of customers in the bookshop is dropping drastically.

At night, however, all these problems seem to evaporate when Kitty comes home and falls asleep: she has vivid dreams in which she is still herself but with a completely different life. In these dreams she has a loving husband, a couple of sweet little children and a beautiful house; it’s just the opposite as the life she has now, but all of it is so wonderful.

I was hooked on the book from the first page. Kitty’s dreams become more complex as days pass by, and we will see that not everything is perfect in that life she has in her head. Most of the people who are important in her life now are not with her in the dream, and she will have to struggle with problems that overwhelm her. In the end, neither of her two worlds is perfect and she will have to make the best of what she has to be happy.

Does your mind also create wonderlands for you to escape from reality?

rakin5The bookseller
Cynthia Swanson
Published by Haper Collins
352 pages

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