Second life S.J. WatsonJulia’s little sister, Kate, has been murdered in Paris and she thinks the police aren’t doing enough to solve the crime, so she decides to investigate on her own, signing in the dating webs Kate had been using to see if some of the guys she met online is the murderer.

Julia had been through drugs and alcohol abuse in the past and, even though she is perfectly healthy now and has a wonderful life with her husband and Kate’s son, Connor, raised by the couple since he was a baby, she is still struggling with some of the issues that she left apart in order to get out of her addictions. Eventually, these dating sites will absorb her as well.

The story is told by Julia. The reader can feel she is unstable, even before knowing all her background, but at first you think it’s because of the shocking news about her sister. She feels guilty for so many things and makes a number of wrong decisions, so when everything gets out of control, you can’t stop reading.

This is the first novel I read by S.J. Watson, and the first thing that caught my attention after finishing it is that he is a man! I couldn’t believe this book hadn’t been written by a woman, and there it is. I felt every emotion the main character felt in the book, all the fear, the excitement, the guiltiness… I have been taking a look on GoodReads and I have seen I wasn’t the only one who thought S.J. Watson was a woman after reading his books.

So, if you are a thrillers-lover, don’t miss Second life; it will get you glued to its pages, for sure.


Second life
S.J. Watson
Published by Harper
432 pages