As you wish cary elwesImagine you love a film for its charming characters, its witty humor, the adventures, and the inconceivable turns of a plot that every single time makes you hold your breath, mourn or laugh in complete delight. Of course, there is only one film that fits that description, and we all know it’s The princess bride. Cary Elwes, the actor who plays Westley, has made our dreams come true thanks to this book.

A couple of years ago there was an event to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the film, and Elwes came up with the idea of narrating his experience during the making of The princess bride, answering all the questions he has been asked during his acting career, which he thinks will be most remembered for the role of Westley.

Sometimes I hear people say that they don’t have a favourite book, or that they can’t decide which one their favourite is, and I just think they still haven’t read that book, because I sometimes pick up The princess bride just to read one or two pages at random, and that alone brightens my day – this is what a favourite means, and every reader needs to find their own.

As you wish Cary Elwes1

As for a film, I think it’s the same. If you happen to know every line of The princess bride by heart, you will enjoy As you wish from cover to cover. Elwes starts at the beginning, as it should be, when he was casted in Germany for the role, and continues with anecdotes of all the cast members during the shooting, including comments about that time from the other actors and several behind-the-scenes memories of friendships that still last nowadays. They made a special piece of art which has never stopped gaining fans over the years, and this is Elwes’ homage to all of us, the people who have enjoyed watching it over and over.

I think it’s indispensable to read As you wish if you are a fan of the film; in fact, I don’t think anyone who doesn’t know every sequence in the film will like this book.

So grab your copy and place yourself again in the Fire Swamp fighting against Rodents of Unusual Size and saving Buttercup from the fire, training for the Greatest Sword Fight in Modern Times, which didn’t need stunt doubles, or burst out laughing with Miracle Max and Valerie, who improvised most of their lines! You’ll have the greatest of times, I promise.


As you wish, by Cary Elwes
Hardcover, 260 pages