I think all of us are aware of the raising of Type 2 Diabetes in the modern world due to our new not-so-healthy habits regarding the food we eat. This week, for instance, I watched a video in which a Dutch young man stopped eating processed sugar and he, at first, had symptoms similar to the drug addicts when they cut off drugs!

Perspectives on type 2 diabetes zeena nackerdien

Perspectives on Type 2 Diabetes explains a little about the disease according to data from different countries. Apparently, there are differences among the different human races and other factors, but all of them are more likely to suffer from Diabetes thanks to their lifestyle, being the number of diabetics increased in countries that are growing economically.

In HIV/TB/Diabetes Resource Kit, the author talks about AIDS, Tuberculosis and Diabetes in her country, South Africa. I had no idea, but these three illnesses are connected, so people with AIDS have a high risk for Diabetes and Tuberculosis, being the latter the main cause of death in that country. The diseases are explained briefly, and the author proposes an educational approach in order to fight them: thanks to education at young ages, people would be more aware of the risks of unprotected sex, unhealthy lifestyles, etc., which is the main step to prevention.

These books are short, filled with data, and very informative, written to the public, not for people in the scientific or medical field. I think the aim of the author is to open our eyes about the increase of these conditions in the first world in order to take the necessary steps to prevention, because it is obviously easier than treatment. However, I would have been interested in more information about the diseases themselves – I know a little because I studied them in the university, but I think it would be benefitial for other people who don’t know much about medicine.

I received the books thanks to Virtual Author Book Tours.

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