I wish I could live in one of Pilcher’s books…

September Rosamunde PilcherIt’s late 1980s and, after many years from the last party, a wealthy family is organizing one to celebrate their daughter’s eighteenth birthday, and it will take place in September. The mood of the Strathcroy inhabitants, in Scotland, instantly lightens up, because they long for the old days and the party is the perfect excuse to bring up old memories… and old people too!

The party is the premise Pilcher uses to introduce a number of characters whose life is beginning to fall apart, as the old Scottish traditions do. There is a little boy, Henry, whose father wants him to go to a boarding school; the mother of this boy, who can’t stand the idea of the separation; an old woman, Edie, who has to take care of a cousin with a mental illness; a young girl who is living her first romance, or Pandora, a woman who left the village when she was a teenager and has never come back…

My copy of the book.

My copy of the book.

All the characters have to fight over their own wellbeing, that kind of happiness that sometimes is so elusive. The narration addresses one character in every chapter, letting the reader take part of their lives, their struggles; there are no bad or good people here, just the pursuit of their place in the world. And no less important is the setting, in a village of the Highlands, a magical place where all those character come together to form a special unit which wouldn’t be the same without the bonds between them, together to face the twilight of the way of life they had known.

September is another little gem of Rosamunde Pilcher, an invitation to a party in Scotland you shouldn’t decline. I will be waiting for you there, in the Highlands. In September 😉