Hello fellow readers!

This is the first update I post for this challenge, and I do it now because I have achieved my first mini-goal.

I remind you “my own rules” about the challenge:

  • The goal is to read 20-30 books from the list.
  • I can only buy/request/borrow from the library once I’ve read 5 books from the list. Then I’ll read another 5 and so on.
  • The rule above doesn’t count for book-club books 😛 (you know, because I have to read them for the book club!).
  • I’ll choose the books either by asking my boyfriend to pick a number from 1 to 222 or by using random.org.

Last week I finished my fifth book from the list. Here they are:

read my own damn books march 2016

  1. Misión Olvido, by María Dueñas (in Spanish).
  2. La librería a la vuelta de la esquina (short stories by different authors, also in Spanish).
  3. The picture book, by Jo Baker.
  4. Orphan Train, by Christina Baker Kline.
  5. Life after life, by Kate Atkinson.

Take into account that the total amount of books I’ve read so far this year is ten books, so the fact that half of them were already on my shelves (the rest were book club picks) is a great accomplishment, believe me.

I also started another one but I couldn’t finished it (boring), so we can say that there are six books crossed out on the list right now. The method I’ve been using to choose the books has been my boyfriend picking up numbers randomly, without looking at the titles on the list. That way the next read is always a surprise for me!

However, I have already broken my own rules! I said I would request one book after finishing groups of five, and I actually requested three last week on a whim! I can’t promise it won’t happen again but, on my behalf, I’ll say I’m currently reading another “own-damn-book”.

I’ll write again an update post when I finish the next five.

Good luck!