I received this book from Netgalley for review.

Your daily brain shows us how our brain works and why it does it that way as it makes us go through a typical working day. Because let’s be honest: your brain is in charge.

your daily brain garth sundemThe book addresses the different brain functions stopping by certain hours in the day in which we have different needs, from the first chapter at 6:30 am, “Should you hit the snooze button?”, to the last at 9:00 pm, “Why you should stop reading and go to sleep”, passing by many daily tasks and routines and the way we approach every one of them.

The author talks about memory, multitasking, willpower, positivity, etc. To be honest, I knew a lot about some of these subjects thanks to the previous books I have read on these matters, some by authors mentioned in Your daily brain. Besides, the book talks briefly about every topic (about 5-6 kindle pages per chapter), so you won’t get a profound scientific knowledge by reading it, but the format (many subjects, summarized) is approachable because it is easy to follow, avoiding scientific nomenclature, and keeps your interest.

I went over many things I already knew about, like multitasking (the ability to switch fast between two or more tasks, NOT about doing two things at once), and I also found new information: I liked to learn, for instance, about creativity; the special needs of the teenage brain; the different studies about willpower (I only had read about one of the theories about this skill); or the changes in parent’s brains – they get a different circuit when they hear a baby crying that tells them to worry about the baby’s needs (even if it’s not their baby!), whereas for we, the childless, it goes directly to the “annoying noises” neurons  😛

Altogether, this is an interesting book written for the public with humor, examples on everyday life anybody can identify with, and topics I’m always keen to learn about; after all, we’d love to understand this bossy organ we have in our heads!

Your daily brain
Garth Sundem
Ebook, 194 pages
Collection: Marbles: The brain store
Published by Three Rivers Press
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