When the first books of Harry Potter became so popular I was a little too old for children’s books and I never came to read them; but afterwards, as an adult, I have always known I had to give them a go. I was sure I would enjoy that magical world, and I’m glad I turned out to be right!

Harry potter and the philosopher's stone

I’m not summarizing the story everybody knows too well, but I wanted to share some of my thoughts on the book. First of all, I would have loved to grow up having a fictional friend like Harry, and now I truly understand all those people who are devoted fans of the books and films. I loved the three main characters, especially Hermione because she is a hoity-toity girl, but she came from a muggle family and I’m sure all she wanted was to prove herself worthy of attending such a school like Hogwarts. Regarding Harry, I had to fight back tears while reading how miserable his life with his aunt and uncle was – I literally wept when I read he wore broken glasses (I don’t know why this particular detail touched me, but touched I was), and also when his uncle left him alone at the train station, clueless about how to find the platform 9 and ¾. Seriously, it was painful to imagine a child so unloved. On the other hand, I had a wonderful time with all the adventures Harry, Hermione and Ron go through in Hogwarts, and with all the magic that filled every page.

I suppose this is the first sketch of what is to come in the next books: a child who will have to live up to the magic world’s expectations in the fight against the evil, the power of true friendship, and the fact that sometimes it’s OK to break the rules in order to save the world. It’s so full of excitement that I’m sure I’ll continue with the series.

I think Harry Potter is a read every one would enjoy, even if you have outgrown the recommended age for these children’s books. It’s never too late to believe in magic  😉


Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone
J.K. Rowling
Bloomsbury Publishing, 225 pages