Food A love story Jim GaffiganI saw this title and thought to myself, ‘oh, I also have a love story with food, so I’m sure this is my book’. Besides, I must confess that, to me, one of the most difficult parts of studying English is the vocabulary around food – I get so overwhelmed with names of fruits, vegetables, spices, etc., that I can’t remember a single word. I don’t even know what they are in Spanish, so you get the idea.

So I started this book with… hunger.


The first thing I want you to know is that my knowledge regarding food has widened enormously, and I want to share a glimpse of my recently acquired vocabulary:

  • Frappuccino
  • Dunkin’ Donuts

By now you should be bedazzled by my wisdom, but wait, because this doesn’t finish here.


I think Jim Gaffigan wanted to talk about food in North America, and hey, I love to learn about other cultures (as if Hollywood movies and TV series, which is all we watch here, weren’t enough). And I learned, people: this author really knows what he is talking about, because he has eaten it all and loves to explain all the details to whoever is listening.

Among the ton of new information about the North American food culture and traditions, I found remarkable the fact that you have invented a laxative that has to be microwaved before its oral intake! (I’m talking about “Hot Pockets”, of course). It’s amazing, really; here we only have pills for that (so boring).

hot pockets

The book also provides practical advice and recipes: for example, Gaffigan explains how to cook a precooked hot dog in the microwave! I wonder why no one thought of this before.

But the crucial moment of the book came when I realized I’m adopted: I agree with the author in most of the issues discussed – salads are good only when you add things that make it stop being a salad; shellfish are sea bugs and, therefore, they are not supposed to be human food; you can improve everything by adding bacon and/or cheese to the dish; and, most important, I find cooking stressful… I mean, I’m sure I was born in the States! I’m probably a distant cousin of the author; every word of the book was already written in my genes!

Summarizing, this book was the ultimate essay about food.

Talking seriously, it was really funny 😀 It’s full of food – I think he talks about every thing that you can eat, even vegetables!!! – and jokes, and I had a great time reading it. I didn’t know the author, who apparently is a popular comedian with his own TV show, so you can discard the book if you have watched him and don’t like his humour, but if you do, just grab the book and become a food expert, like I am now.

tacos (1)

PS: In case you didn’t know, I live in a small Spanish town where there aren’t any Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, Taco Bell or Wendy’s. We have only two McDonald’s and one Burger King, and our first KFC opened like 3 months ago and it’s so far in the outskirts of town that I’ve been too lazy to go.

I guess that we can be considered lucky for not being experts in fast food in the place where I live, right?