I received this book from Netgalley for review.

Letters for Scarlet Julie C. GardnerThis story starts with Corie receiving a letter from… herself! As a school assignment, at the age of eighteen, her class had to write a letter to their ten-year-older selves, a letter that hast just arrived only to remind Corie that it has been ten years since the last time she talked to her once best friend, Scarlet. Corie and Scarlet have now different lives, and none of them seem to be really happy: Scarlet with an unwanted child on the way and Corie going through some marriage problems.

We have chapters told through both girls’ points of view, and soon the reader is aware that something happened between the girls that pulled them apart in their last year of high school; it will be revealed eventually, but the main thread here is about trying to resume their friendship or close that door forever.

I enjoyed this book mainly because I could relate to these girls – I also had friendships during my high school years that somehow vanished. Nothing really happened; we just stopped keeping in touch, but it makes you wonder how is it possible that you were almost 24 hours per day together in the past, and now you don’t know anything about their lives. So that’s what made the novel interesting to me: following Corie’s attempt to get closer to Scarlet again, and the latter’s reaction.

I have to say that I found some personality traits of the characters quite boring – Scarlet is scared of commitment in her relationships and Corie is obsessed with having children (it seems like you can’t write women’s fiction if your characters don’t suffer for any of these causes), but nevertheless, I liked the issue of their lost friendship, the secondary characters of the story (specially the mothers of both girls), and the ending, which I think was just perfect, since the reader can’t figure out throughout the narration how things are going to end for the protagonists.


Letters for Scarlet
Julie C. Gardner
Ebook, 282 pages
Published by Velvet Morning Press