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Summer is definitely a time for reading thrillers. I enjoy sitting down in the coolest room at home and turn pages like crazy, oblivious to the heat outside, trying to make the summer pass a little faster too…

Here is a quick summary of what I have read lately on this genre.

I am Pilgrim, by Terry Hayes

i-am-pilgrim-terry-hayesDo you like books on Islamic terrorism? Neither do I, and that’s why you have to read this book! The author turns a subject I actually dislike into a story I was hooked on from beginning to end. That is something, don’t you think?

The book follows the advances of the ultimate terrorist on his master plan to destroy the western culture – a plan which has been carefully designed throughout his entire life and admits no failure – and his nemesis: an American secret agent, the best among the best. The action mixed with the protagonists’ backgrounds makes this book fascinating. I was so tense and edgy while reading it that, in a way, it was a relief when it finished. One never knows if it’s going to end well or not.

5/5 stars

Method 15/33, by Shannon Kirk

method-15-33-shannon-kirkThis is a story of a pregnant teenager that has been kidnapped, but she is an exceptionally gifted child, and her captors are the ones who should be scared, for she plans to make them pay.

This story is pure entertainment and the main character, being so different from a normal sixteen-year-old girl, together with the peculiar personality of one of the agents that are trying to find her, make you have a great time. Nevertheless, I expected a different momentum in the story, and the epilogue was too long for my liking, and that’s the reason it doesn’t have many stars.

3/5 stars

Girl on the train, by Paula Hawkins

girl-on-the-train-paula-hawkinsEverybody knows this one already!

Yes, I was hooked on at the beginning. Yes, I enjoyed it. BUT I read a book at the beginning of the year written by the French Pierre Lemaitre that had the same plot twist and was so superior to Girl on the train in many aspects, that I couldn’t avoid comparison between the two. And Hawkin’s book loses.

I’m sorry, I expected more excitement.

3/5 stars