I have been planning this event all week, and I want to share with you part of the fun.

This year I’m not reading as much as I used to mainly because my Law studies prevent me from having free time (to say the least). At the beginning of the week I saw on GoodReads that I am nine books behind my goal, so I began browsing my bookshelves and my local library in search of very short books (no more than 100 pages) in order to cheat try and save the challenge. So that is basically what I plan to do in the Readathon.


Well, first things first: the food!


I made an apple pie as my main source of calories for the Readathon lol, and I also went to the cake shop to buy some chocolate muffins (because an apple pie is too much healthy, right? haha).

Don’t worry about my feeding, for I also bought some real food in the supermarket that is going to be cooked tomorrow morning (the Readahon starts at 2 pm here in Spain, so I have plenty of time for housework).

libraryRegarding books, today after work I made the last trip to the library and I got five short books on several genres (memoirs, tales, short-stories, etc.) all by European authors, translated into Spanish. I also bought a book a month ago (The totally geeky guide to The princess bride) with the Readathon in mind.

I’m also listening to an audiobook (Law of success, by Napoleon Hill), and tomorrow I’ll take it with me for my walks and errands.



As I told, I have been reading some short books this week so I started being 9 books behind schedule and now I’m 6 behind. And my pile of books has this six books so… I want to read them all and be on track again!

In the past readathons I only read an average of 300 pages because I got stuck on social media and all the wonderful mini-challenges, but one can dream, right? Besides, this time I will be reading primarily in Spanish so I think I’ll go faster.

Anyway, all I want is to have fun.

See you tomorrow on twitter and Instagram!  ❤