Maybe I got overly excited when I chose the title for this post because I am not going to tell you a corny story about how I found Prince Charming among the shelves of the library – not that I don’t think the library is the best place to find your other half – but in truth I’m talking about dating books, which is awesome too!

Yes, I know all of you have seen on Facebook those pictures of bookshops where people can buy wrapped books to surprise themselves, but how many of you have actually seen it in reality? I have! It was this summer, in the library of the coastal village where I spend my holidays (I go so often that I have my own library card).

The librarians arranged a stand in a corner announcing “blind dates with books”, and took their time writing down inviting summaries for each book, not to mention the red hearts and ribbons:

I was delighted at the sight of it, and I carefully read every one of them to pick my perfect date. It was a romance (of course!). The librarian was really surprised someone had decided to try one of those books and when he passed the bar code, which was conveniently glued on the wrapping paper so as not to open it, he saw the title in the computer and said, with a mysterious voice, that it was a beautiful story.

I waited –with great effort – until I arrived home to open it, and… Ta-daah! I was so disappointed I had already read the book. It was “Strange weather in Tokyo“, also edited as “The briefcase“, by Hiromi Kawakami:

Blind dates don’t always turn out as we expect. I guess it was my fault: I was too naïve to think there was a romance novel I hadn’t read already! Anyway, it was so pleasant to spend the afternoon in the library, getting amazed by the wonderful idea the librarians had, reading their cute synopsis and deciding what to bring home with you.

Librarians of the world, please, do this more often!