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I’m an Engish student who has decided to create a new blog about book reviews. The main reason is because I want to improve my writing in English and, as everybody knows, the best way to do something well is by practicing it. Considering that I love reading, I know I will always have something to write about in that way. I also know that keeping a blog about books makes you read and write more, so these are my aims.

I’m not a beginner in blogging: I have been writing in a blog for about four years. It’s also a blog about books but it’s in Spanish, I’m afraid 😉 . Anyway, if anyone wants to take a look, here it is:

From Isi

In this new blog I’m going to upload reviews about books I think are interesting; I have read the most of them in Spanish, but I’m trying to review only novels which are available in English speaking countries, in case anybody from these countries read my blog. I’m also starting to read English books, but it’s quite difficult to choose the right ones in order to unterstand them.

I remind you I’m a student, and even though some of the reviews will be corrected by my teacher, he is human and he can’t check everything I write, so there will be others without any correction. You will find mistakes, for sure, and I would be very grateful if you take a minute to comment or email me and tell me about them. I am here to learn. Of course, if anybody needs some help with Spanish language, I’m also here to help.


9 thoughts on “About me”

  1. Can you comment on Perez Galdos and his novels?

    Is “Fortunata and Jacinta” his masterpiece?

    richard melson


  2. It’s a really good idea to have a blog in another language as a means of practising it. i applaud you! I’ve also just noticed that you’ve used the phrase ‘This is where the magic happens’ on your header, which is the name of my blog. Strange!

    • Thank you! Studying English is a thing I love and I’ve met a lot of nice people from all over the world through the blog, so it has been even better!
      I didn’t know your blog, but now I’m following it 🙂 see you soon!

      • Aww, thanks for the follow! Yes, blogging is a great way of meeting amazing, interesting people from all over the world. I only started my blog a month ago, so am relatively new to the blogging community, but loving it already!

  3. KLWeston above said ‘This is where the magic happens’ is their blog name.
    I write erotic short stories and would love to rearrange your ‘Come. Read. Enjoy’ to say ‘Read. Enjoy. Come.’ and use it on my blog. https://ihearteroticastories.wordpress.com

    • Of course, use it as you please!
      I can’t believe how a little change in the order of the words can create such a different meaning 😛

  4. Hi Isi – did you see the email I sent you re the View From Here guest post? My emails sometimes disappear into people’s spam folders so I have to check. It wouldhave been from a yahoo account and user name of heenandavies

  5. Juan Carlos Lorenzano Sosa said:

    Hi Isi, Do you can recommend any audiobooks for practice listening English? My goal is to get my 6.5 minimal IELTS for my postgraduate in Scotland.

    • Hi, Juan Carlos! I would recommend you non-fiction books: literary language is more complex, so with non-fiction you will encounter “everyday language” about a certain topic, which will serve you better for an exam.
      Think about what interests you, and find books about it.
      For instance, I like to read about productivity and study, so I would recommend books on that subjects (“Getting things done”, by David Allen; “Deep work”, by Cal Newport). I also like biographies, so if you are interested in historical figures, you can listen to some biographies about them.
      Hope this helps.
      Good luck for your exam!!

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